Homeschool Placement Tests


As a mom of five, I began giving my kids achievement tests at an early age. After teaching them how to fill in the small circles and sharpen their number 2 pencils, the kids would walk into classrooms, doors would close, and testing would begin. Six weeks later, I would receive test reports which gave vague indications of how each child was doing compared to students across the nation. The broad descriptions of achievement in specific areas provided very little useful information to help me know how to strengthen my kids in the coming year.

Over the years, I sought an assessment option that would help me choose the best curriculum, cover information unknown to my child, and fill in any educational gaps. Unfortunately, none of the tests I found accomplished this goal. That needed to change!

Recognizing the need, I began working with the Well Planned Gal curriculum developer Tiffany Orthman, M.Ed. to develop a one of a kind, easy-to-use assessment and placement test for parents and students to work through together. Well Planned Start is the result of our efforts. Scroll down to learn more about this unique product!

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